Duffy's Cut Thanks

The Society of the Friendly Sons Of St. Patrick

Duffy's Cut and it's members would like to thank the Society of the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick for their continued support of the Duffy's Cut Project. Without the support from organizations and people like these, our efforts would not be able to continue. The Society of the Friendly Sons has committed to continuing their support to our efforts until we see every single one of the Irish souls lost to us at Duffy's Cut re-interred to their proper resting place. We are forever grateful for their support and continued generosity.

About the Society

Since its inception in Philadelphia in 1771, the Society of The Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick has been an active, vibrant organization within the Irish community. Members meet quarterly in the Philadelphia area to conduct Society business, share fellowship and experiences of common heritage.


The Society exists to promote Irish culture, education and provide aid. It performs these duties in the form of scholarships and benevolence, as well as through events and activities. The Society has always been non-denominational, welcoming male and female members from all religious backgrounds. Citizens of the United States of Irish lineage, over eighteen years of age and of good moral character are eligible for membership.

The activities revolve around a Board of Management and a number of standing and ad hoc committees that serve to guide the Society.