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Kathy is very proud of her Irish heritage and not only is she serving on the board of the Duffy's Cut Project, Kathy has received numerous honors over the past several years—president of the Donegal Association, president of the Irish Memorial, president of the St. Patrick's Day Observance Association, to name only a few. Duffy's Cut is proud to have her on our board and we know that she brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the cause. Check out this article written by Denise Foley in January 2015 for more about Kathy, her Irish connections and her story - Philadelphia Parade Grand Marshal Redefines "Family"

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In 2015 I was chosen as Grand Marshal of the Philadelphia St. Patrick's Day Parade and what an honor. I am one of only three other woman ever chosen since 1952. I believe I was asked since I am the mother of nine children and the theme of the parade was "St. Patrick, Bless, Strengthen and Pray for our Families" and also the same year that Pope Francis will visit our fair city with the World Meeting of Families.