August 2018

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'Cut' Clock is Ticking


August 9, 2018


By Ray O’Hanlon

The Duffy’s Cut project in Malvern Pennsylvania has been ongoing since 2002.

imageBut the latest phase of the grand excavation of remains – and the revealing of a tragic tale of immigrant Irish railroad workers from the 1830s – does not have the luxury of quite so many future years.

Work is being carried out at the site this week, specifically the taking of measurements. Full scale excavation work will follow in a matter of weeks.

“The first thing we will do is get another round of Ground Penetrating Radar coordinates to make sure things match up with GPR readings we obtained last summer,” Dr. William Watson of nearby Immaculata University, a leader of the project since the very start, told the Echo.

Click here for the complete story. By Ray O'Hanlon, Irish Echo